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About Us

Danna’s Professional Consulting Service LLC , was founded in 2008, and formed to assist developers, ownership groups and Asset Management Companies in protecting their investments and assets.

Based in New Orleans LA, our service platform includes:

Maintenance Management Control Systems – which establishes goals, objectives, policies and procedures, and procurements, which is a core feature of this company.

Asset Protection – This company serves as a representative of both, property owner and asset management company. We ensure that the operator (property management company) performs its functions according to all of it’s contractual obligations, as well as meet projected annual budgets and investment goals.

Energy Management – Documentation in the form of written reports, offer solutions and ROI investments for all energy saving projects. Energy audits performed to evaluate kilowatt usage and savings on daily usage, is a must in today's rising economy. Danna’s PCS LLC, provides the best practices on saving energy.

Building Asset Inspections - Documentation in the form of written reports, offer best practices for a successful preventive maintenance program, and offers sound liability protection for all parties involved. Due to a lack of practice and planning by conducting building Asset inspections, more and more companies incur tremendous financial losses when things that can be prevented by a systematic approach, falter.

Training-Development - Building Engineers should be proficient in fire, building, health and life & Safety codes, which ensures the safe and proper operation of both, building and business operations. Trouble shooting systems, combined with proper start-up and shut-down procedures of Boilers, Chillers, Air Conditioning equipment, is paramount to the life and sustainability of every building. Danna’s PCS LLC, provide continuing education that ensures that your staff is prepared to meet any challenge.

Best Practices in Maintenance – with the use of work order processes accompanied by a strong preventive maintenance program, untimely equipment breakdowns which leads to excessive repair or replacement cost, can be avoided. Not to mention business interruptions that will impact your profit margin and operation capital. Implementation of training and development that only Danna Consulting Professional Services can, will mitigate your future hardships.

Danna’s Professional Consulting Services, specialize in increasing profit margins through the repositioning of assets that ultimately adds value on behalf of our clients. Our portfolio includes luxury, first class properties of all kinds. Some, requiring immediate assistance to save money by merely operating smarter, at being more efficient.