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Preventive Maintenance

To ensure building quality, we can not emphasizes “preventative maintenance” enough – after many years as a operating manager himself, the founder and CEO of Danna’s PCS, LLC, has found throughout his professional experience, that preventive maintenance saves revenue substantially. when compared to allowing necessary operating systems to run until a break down occurs, then scramble under pressure to address a problem, It makes good practice to implement a preventive maintenance program. Once Danna’s PCS LLC, is contracted to do business in your behalf, we immediately apply our preventative maintenance programs to improve the effectiveness and increase the life span of all HVAC systems, mechanical equipment, kitchen, laundry, guestrooms and physical plants.

Preventive maintenance is the key, to effective building operational performance. It creates a recipe for the correct strategic planning. Danna’s PCS, LLC, prepares building owners and businesses management, on strategies to avoid the frustration of any surprise breakdowns due to poor planning, or no planning at all.

How do you get the most from Preventive Maintenance: There are dozens of preventive maintenance technologies currently being used in building management today, and some of these technologies become industry standards. Vibration, Oil and wear analyze, combined with ultrasound and thermograph are some of the leading technologies that requires a specific type of industry standards to successfully maintain the life of your buildings equipment.

Hidden Treasures: such as eliminating chronic equipment failures can cut maintenance cost up to 60%, and will demonstrate just how good your new PM Program really is.

What is the keys to success: (a.) Having all equipment with a well define PM program (b) Implementing PMs that have the right frequencies and are task specific (c.) Accurately documenting the percentage of PMs completed on time (D) Determining what percentage of PMs are considered to have been executed properly.

Equipment Maintenance Plans: Danna’s PCS, LLC recognizes that planned maintenance has to begin with a plan in mind. Developing preventive maintenance tasks or procedures for your plant or facility without a solid plan will result in unreliable and inconsistent procedures. Because it’s important to document the development process, consistency will insure a good understanding of expected results.

A couple of key factors such as, descriptive title, frequency assigned, equipment history, type of work, procedure number, estimated time of completion, manufactured warranty, or specification Materials and tools to perform the task will insure maximum performance of you’re your systems and/or equipment.

Other applications: electrical problems, loose connections in junction boxes, panel’s, bus bars, thermograph surveys on power distribution and motor control centers.

Critical factors: Occurring breakdowns cause equipment to have the manufacturing company useful life and could cost thousands of dollars for repairs that normally unplanned and would cost money.

Deon Danna focuses on being proactive with the use of a simple approach of day to day planning and documentation, to make all equipment perform 100% efficiently. Deon Danna believes that by the use of clean filters, belts, motor power, factor checks and controlling waste, all can help protect the environment , cut waste and help the going green initiatives.

Remember: It’s not when a building will speak out, but when.